Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Summer 2011 Update

Ferguson Design Studio has really been thundering forward over the last couple of seasons. The last few months in particular have been a real rollercoaster, seeing 'ups' of a substantial increase in new projects and scale of projects but also experiencing the 'downs' of contractors going bust. (The post ‘Trusting Your Contractor’ will discuss this in detail, including advice and warning signs that a contractor is not as healthy financially as he claims to be.)

We have been appointed for a number of extension projects including Milverton Avenue (contemporay extension), Mugdock Road (basement extension), Roosevelt Road (single storey extension), Moncrieff Avenue (additional storey) and an interesting two storey extension to McClarens Park in Gargunnock.  We have put in outline planning permission for a 7 house development and are also working on a taxi HQ at Edinburgh airport.
Other interests include working under the ‘Architect in the House’ project and doing some collaborative work with Energy Recycle.
Boghead Road has seen completion and we are currently waiting on a client review of their extension regarding the efficiency of an innovative rigid polystyrene panel that it was constructed with.  We have been excited about the near completion of Whitehill Farm Road only to be frustrated by the collapse of its contractor.  But we’re back on track and looking forward to seeing it complete.
Yes, the last few months have been hectic!

Architect in the House

Ferguson Design Studio are a registered practice on the 'Architect in the House' scheme run by the RIBA and Shelter, matching clients with their local architects who will donate an hour of their time in consultation in return for a donation to Shelter.

For more information click here

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Autumn Update

The end of Summer 2010 has seen much happening at Ferguson Design Studio. The completion of on site projects Lilybank Avenue (introduction of bi-folding doors and internal alterations), Kelvinside Gardens (interior alterations), Waterside Cottage (refurbishment) and Vardar Avenue (extension and interior alterations) have added to our built portfolio. Professional images of the finished projects to follow.

Laxton Drive, Boghead Road and Whitehill Farm Road have all completed tender processes with a view to site starts in August/September. Ferguson Design Studio are appointed for a full architectural service for all three projects.

One of our design and build projects - Cumnock Road - is due to go on site in October. The others have not been granted building warrant approval as yet.

New projects include Coleridge Avenue (2 storey rear extension), Bridgeway Road (single storey porch extension) and Andrew Avenue (2 storey rear and side extension). Further details for these can be seen on our website.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Back Online and Picking Up Steam

We’re finally back on line – better late that never! ferguson design studio has much to report with appointments for four new jobs and planning approvals for Boghead Road and Laxton Drive. The new jobs vary in size and are as follows:

The Grove
A simple modernisation of the top floor of a three storey six bedroom 1900’s townhouse, to include a new family bathroom.

Kelvinside Gardens
The inclusion of an additional partition in a two bedroom flat to create a large store. A simple job but has its complications with fire protection.

Vardar Avenue
A single storey kitchen and utility room extension to the rear of a two-storey, three bedroom 1900’s semi-detached property.

Whitehill Farm Road
A successful bid for a refurbishment and large two storey extension to a four bedroom 1900’s sandstone property. The client wishes to refurbish the existing property to adapt the dated home to contemporary living. The extension will incorporate an open plan living/dining/kitchen space, an additional bedroom and two new family sized bathrooms.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Technical Difficulties...

Apologies for our silence these last couple of months but our resident blogger has been out of action due to illness. We look forward to resuming transmission next week, when we will be updating the blog with all the recent news for ferguson design studio.

We'll be back!

Monday, 31 August 2009

A Word of Warning

ferguson design studio rounded off the month with a new appointment for an unusual house extension in Dunblane. We were initially invited to come to the clients’ home as their ‘architect’ had gone AWOL – their original plans were for internal alterations to expand their kitchen/dining area. After constructing the initial drawings for building warrant, their ‘architect’ simply disappeared, ignoring all calls and emails for months - leaving the client confused, at a loss what to do next and out of pocket.

A quick search of the register revealed no such ‘architect’ exists. This could be for a number of reasons
1) He has not paid his registration fee
2) He is not qualified
3) He has been struck off

Our advice to any client would be to search the Architects’ Registration Board to check that the person you are dealing with is truly an architect. The ARB can offer advice and support in situations such as the one mentioned in this post.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lights out at The Lighthouse

We were saddened to hear of the troubles facing the Lighthouse in Glasgow. It has been a nodal point in Glasgow’s architecture scene and its presence will be missed. We were only beginning to get involved in SUST and are disappointed that this may be discontinued. We had early plans for our first birthday celebration and the Lighthouse was one of our favoured venues for this event. The seminar series will be missed, as will the exhibitions, and we sincerely hope that some form of resolution can be arrived at to protect the key activities of the building. As one commentator said, “I…hope that the … attention deemed worthy of Diageo … will be focused on the Lighthouse, to ensure that Scotland does not lose this vital resource.”

It is, all in all, a sad and unfortunate symptom of the current climate.

BD Lighthouse article